Sie Fate

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What to expect!

  • 100% Browser-Based means no downloads!
  • Trait based character development.
  • Battles are your decision with over 60 unique skills.
  • Not a fighter? You can craft, explore, fish or mine.
  • "Amazingness!"

What is it about?

Sie Fate is a text based browser game. We took the traditional out of the text based and replaced it with something a bit more unique. This game is all about the right moves and the right setup.

Whether its on your desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile; we are right there with you when you have that urge to play. As a persistent browser-based game, it means the game is never ending so you keep growing and improving.

Can I get a bit more detail?

What are Traits? As you level, increase your traits to develop your character exactly the way you battle and thrive. Not bound by any class specifics you are free to decide how you will get to top.

And these Battles? The game will blend both choice and traditional quick text based battle systems in your quest to become stronger.

You mentioned Trades. Fish to pass to the time - watch and learn the fishes pattern. Mine to get the materials - careful as you dig and be sure to secure the weak spots. Craft to get the gold - follow the directions or attempt to making something truly special.

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